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Business Bespoke Service

Our online shop shows a selection of furniture we can ship directly to your offices. However, we know that businesses are often looking for ideas and furniture with a real wow factor to tie in with company colours, values and brand.

Huddle Furniture offer a bespoke service where we’ll work with you to create an inspiring workplace for your business from desking and seating, through to informal breakout areas, reception, canteen and café furniture.

Our Bespoke Service includes:

  • Free Audit to assess current expenditure
  • Identify key savings opportunities 
  • 2D & 3D imaging to show you how your furniture will look
  • All furniture installed & packaging removed 
  • Local people, local support & service 
  • Most UK manufacturers supplied
  • Minimum 5 years guarantee
  • Office moves, storage and relocation

There’s a huge choice of style, finish, sizing, fabrics….you name it, we can supply it. From our experience, the best way to approach projects is to sit down with you and get a clear understanding of objectives, which includes:

Purpose: What’s the space to be used for? Traditional desking, breakout areas, hot desking – or a mixture?

Style: clean sleek Scandi lines or a traditional feel

Colours: there’s a really exciting range of colours and finishes from sleek white, traditional wood, textured patterns and even concrete look. All look amazing in the right space!

Sizing: Desk & Pedestals can vary in size

Budget: There’s a wide range of options so knowing a budget really helps focus your time by looking at the right ranges

Timing: When do need your new look by, and how you want it installed?

Storage: Have you enough storage for your files & stationery?

So if you’d like to save money, working with an ethical company that believes in helping you get the most out of your budget with quality, robust furniture, please contact us on 01844 299344 or email hello@huddlefurniture.co.uk  to talk about our Business Bespoke Service now.