We can help you create Training & Meeting Rooms that help facilitate ideas and discussions. Tables that be configured into different layouts are popular, and are U shaped layouts for positive interaction and engagement. Chairs can be adjustable, swivel, upholstered or stackable, depending on what you need to achieve. There’s a huge range of furniture available, and we can create bespoke solutions to make the room work best for you. Our wide range of Display & Presentation Furniture helps to organise and display notices, leaflets and brochures, and why not take a look at our Glass Boards, which can be made bespoke to include branding & visions. For examples of our previous work, check out our Projects for more ideas. If you’d like any help with your Training & Meeting Rooms, please contact us on 01844 299344, Live Chat or email hello@huddlefurniture.co.uk for more information.