No more Cable Spaghetti ….sort out your storage and syncing with Lapcabby Units by Huddle Furniture
  • Portable & Static Charging Trolleys
  • Safe & Lockable
  • Huge range of options for every device

LapCabby have been developing innovative products that customers love for the last 20 years. Their portable and static trolleys offer charging & syncing solutions for laptops, tablets, e-readers, Chromebooks and netbooks. LapCabby solutions are used everywhere,from Education to Healthcare, to Offices & Retail. If you’d like more information on the right LapCabby for your needs please call us on 01844 299344, Live Chat or email for more information.

  • LapCabby DeskCabby 12V Charging Cabinet for 12 Tablets

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  • LapCabby 10v Charging Trolley for 10 Laptops/Chromebooks

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  • LapCabby 16v Charging Trolley for 16 Laptops/Chromebooks

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  • LapCabby 20v Charging Trolley for 20 Laptops/Chromebooks

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  • LapCabby 32H Charging Trolley for 32 Laptops/Chromebooks

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  • LapCabby UniCabby 20H Charging Trolley for 20 Devices

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  • LapCabby UniCabby 32H Charging Trolley for 32 Devices

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  • LapCabby TabCabby 16H Charging Trolley for 16 Tablets

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  • LapCabby TabCabby 32H Compact Charging Trolley for 32 Tablets

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