Lab Chairs

Our range of Lab Chairs are designed for use in learning environments and to give maximum comfort. These include our standard Science Lab chairs for students and these PU Draughtsman Chairs. Some are ideal for working at a higher level with taller gas stem and footring, these PU chairs are easy, wipe-clean vinyl which are suitable for the demands of a lab or science room in a school, college or research facility. For more ideas on Lab Furniture, take a look at our range of Trespa Tables, which are impact & chemical resistant. For more information, please contact us on 01844 299344, Live Chat or email and we’d love to help.

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  • Blue Hille Flat Top Stool

    Hille Polypropylene Flat Top Stool

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  • 25 Series Stacking Stool with wooden top & silver frame

    25 Series Stacking Stool

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  • Hille Beech Top Stool

    Hille MDF Wooden Stool

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  • light blue

    Metalliform WSM Classroom Science Stool

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  • Red Series E Stool

    Hille Series E Stool

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  • Blue MX08 Stool

    Remploy MX08 Stacking Lab Stool

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  • MX05 Lab Stool

    Remploy MX05 Lab Stool with Backrest

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  • Metalliform Light Blue WSM Skid Frame Stool

    Metalliform WSM Classroom Skid Frame Stool

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  • Blue Titan High Chair

    Titan High Chair

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  • Blue Hille SE Stool

    Hille SE Classic Stool with Back

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  • pepperpot-stool-1-red-20558-A

    Hille Pepperpot Stool

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  • Metalliform Green 2000 High Chair

    Metalliform Chair 2000 School Lab Stool

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  • Postura Plus Stool Ink Blue

    Postura Plus Science Stool

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  • SE Beech Stool with Black Frame

    Hille SE Stool with Wooden Seat

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  • postura 685mm high back stool forest green

    Postura Plus High Chair

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  • Yellow Stevie Draughtsmans Chair

    Stevie Draughtsman Chair

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  • Purple Origin Lotus Stool

    Origin Lotus High Stacking Stool

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  • Black Lotus Stool

    Origin Lotus Mid High Stacking Stool

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  • Black PU Industrial Round Stool

    PU Industrial Warehouse Round Stool

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  • PU Industrial Warehouse Chair

    PU Laboratory Chair

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Showing 1–20 of 21 results