School Stacking Chairs

With space often at a premium, School Stacking Chairs are some of our most asked for products. And it’s easy to see why! We supply a huge range of Stacking Chairs for school or community areas. Choose from standard classroom stacking chairs like Postura Plus, available in 6 European Height Options and a gorgeous selection of colours.

Folding Stacking Chairs are brilliant for occasional use where versatility and storage are key. And our High Density Stacking Chairs stack up to 32 high on trolleys! For this reason, these are perfect for school halls, community centres and conference areas. Keep an eye out for our bulk savings on deals including trolleys, which offer brilliant value for money. If you’d like to talk through the best stackable option for your school, then we’d love to chat. Please contact us on 01844 299344, Live Chat or email for more information.

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