School Stools

There are two main options for School Stools: Stools with Metal Frames, and Swivel Stools. Metal frames are brilliant in laboratories and art rooms as students tend to sit at higher tables and benches. Durable, secure and above all, comfortable, these stools offer brilliant value and come in a gorgeous range of colour options. In addition, these also come in different height options to suit bench and table heights. Swivel Stools are ergonomically designed to support posture and offer mobility in a classroom. In colour options to match any classroom, our School Swivel Stools are comfortable, durable and height adjustable to suit pupils and teachers alike. As Furniture Specialists, we’ll help you find the right stools for your School, College or University. As a result, we guarantee we only sell chairs & seating we’d want our own children sit on. Please contact us on 01844 299344, Live Chat or email for more information.

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