RH Activ 220 Chair

Price ex VAT: £360.00

inc VAT £432.00

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Product Information

The RH Activ 220 Chair is perfect for both remedial and preventative back care solutions, as well as 24/7 applications. The RH Activ 220 has a high back and medium seat, perfect for taller users who require shoulder and neck support. This stylish model is designed to stimulate your core muscles throughout the day to keep your body working. RH Activ 220 follows all your movements, so that you sit flexibly and actively, while your lower back is always supported – which is both comfortable and ergonomically correct. The secret is the Active Movement System (AMS) that creates a free-float, ergonomic pattern of movement that is unique to RH Activ. The AMS adapts to you from the moment you sit down. The movement of the backrest on free-float adapts to your body weight allowing for constant support which follows your body’s movements. The position of the lever ensures ease of use while sitting in the chair. It’s easy to adjust the different components of the chair to your specific body type and task. You’ll even find user-friendly icons on all the handles and levers to guide you into the ultimate position. RH Activ is ideally suited for today’s modern office environments, & its simple adjustments also make it suitable as a multi-user chair.  If you’d like help finding your perfect office chair, please contact us on 01844 299344, Live Chat or email

What you need to know

Lead Time
3 - 4 weeks
10 Years
Certified in accordance to EN 1335, BS5459
Seat Pad Dimensions
W440mm x D430mm
Back Dimensions
H430mm x W370mm
Seat Slide
Free Delivery

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