Viasit Core Chair

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  • Black
  • Apple Green
  • Dark Blue
  • Grey
  • Red

Product Information

The Viasit Core Chair is probably one of the best ergonomic chairs we’ve ever tested! The Core Chair promotes optimal sitting posture and encourages movement, making healthy sitting so much fun. The revolutionary design of the Core Chair helps you remain active and in shape at work without compromising comfort. With numerous independent studies and thousands of inspired users providing effective evidence of the design. The Core Chair takes weight off your key areas, which provides an unrivaled sit. The Core Chair’s mechanics are completely versatile. The user stays upright based on their own strength, using continuous micro movements of the skeletal muscles, thereby retaining a perfect upright position without any conscious effort. This gently strengthens the skeletal muscles and prevents poor posture and back issues. The complex mechanics enable the resistance and therefore the intensity of the movement to be adjusted to the individual user. Shop the full range of Viasit Chairs here; if you’d like help finding your perfect Viasit, please contact us on 01844 299344, Live Chat or email for more information.


What you need to know

Lead Time
2 - 3 weeks
Free Delivery
12 Years
Assembly Required

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