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Why choosing the right furniture is important

Can your choice of office design really gain you competitive advantage?

Office design is so much more than just finding people places to sit. Here is three reasons why putting a bit of extra thought into your office furnishings can help drive your business forward and give you that all important edge.

Communicating your brand

The branding you choose to portray your business’s character and communicate your core values should be consistent throughout everything that you do, including how you furnish and decorate your premises.

There should be a look and feel to your premises that holistically represents your business, using interior design to bolster your brand’s personality and culture. Choosing the right colour and style, whether it be bold and funky, simple and sleek or unique and quirky, gives customers a real sense of entering a place that reflects the service that they expect to receive from you. Visitors should know they are in your space without needing to see signs and logos.

The more effectively you portray your brand, the more recognition it will get. The more impact it has on your customer, the more you’ll get noticed in the competitive market. And it’s not just about the customer. Immersing your workforce in an environment that reflects your brand will further enhance a sense of company culture leading to…

A boost in productivity

Can the working environment really impact your business’ efficiency and quality of output? There are plenty of studies out there that suggest that having happy staff equals a more productive workforce but how can your choices of interior design and furnishings help with that?

Quite simply, providing employees with the space they need to do their job effectively and in comfort with appropriately designed and well-equipped work environments. Ensuring that you have a variety of stations that suit not only individual work but also facilitate communication and collaboration whether it be face-to-face or digitally, in large gatherings or small interactions. You can make this achievable by introducing multi-use and flexible spaces, being creative with your choice of furniture to allow for a variety of types of working and ensuring that spaces are clean, not cluttered, and with adequate seating and storage.

A change is as good as a rest, as they say. Introducing regular upgrades and changes ensures that the space continues to be refreshing and suits the needs of your business as it develops.

Retain the best staff

Particularly if you’re working in a sector that requires specialised skills, attracting and retaining the best staff is a sure-fire means of gaining an advantage over your competitors.

Low morale can lead to poor cooperation and increased staff turnover, ultimately hindering a business from reaching its goals. You can demonstrate to your employees that they are valued and that you appreciate their input and their hard work by introducing an office environment that puts their needs first, reducing stress and encouraging communication and collaboration with their colleagues.


At Huddle Designs, we believe in being open and honest; saving you time and money. We work with a variety of commercial furniture suppliers to suit the needs of all types of business. We work with you from early concept right through to delivery and installation to ensure that you get the that works for your business and your budget.