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Why Huddle?

The name Huddle came about from the kind of relaxed, informal meeting we were seeing more & more in the workplace. Instead of being invited to "Business Updates" or "Sales Reviews", teams were being invited to "Huddles" - an informal, relaxed and collaborative session to update, share success and challenges and agree next steps.

And so Huddle Furniture was born, reflecting a modern learning and work space which is incorporated in our logo

Why we love what we do

Huddle are passionate about quality, service, price and loving your furniture! Any furniture is an investment and needs to be exactly what you need, both functionally and creatively. After all, it’s for your work and learning space!

Our Office chairs, where applicable, are fully adjustable with armrests, seat depth & height adjustment, seat sliders, tilt and lumbar support.

Our Educational & Office desks & tables come in a wide range of sizes, heights and finishes, with matching pedestals available.

We’re really proud of the range of Café, Canteen & Bistro furniture which, where applicable, can be used indoors & outdoors to create a relaxed & easy vibe.

And our Educational & Office Soft Seating means you can create welcoming, informal and creative areas. Back to where the Huddle name came from!